Set Options

These are result codes that communicate success (200) or failure (400) specific to the Set Options operation.

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    Options successfully set.


    This account does not have enough XBN to satisfy the minimum XBN reserve increase caused by adding a subentry and still satisfy its XBN selling liabilities. For every new signer added to an account, the minimum reserve of XBN that account must hold increases.

  • op_too_many_signers SET_OPTIONS_TOO_MANY_SIGNERS

    20 is the maximum number of signers an account can have, and adding another signer would exceed that.

  • op_bad_flags SET_OPTIONS_BAD_FLAGS

    The flags set and/or cleared are invalid by themselves or in combination.

  • op_invalid_inflation SET_OPTIONS_INVALID_INFLATION

    The destination account set in the inflation field does not exist.

  • op_cant_change SET_OPTIONS_CANT_CHANGE

    This account can no longer change the option it wants to change.

  • op_unknown_flag SET_OPTIONS_UNKNOWN_FLAG

    The account is trying to set a flag that is unknown.

  • op_threshold_out_of_rangeSET_OPTIONS_THRESHOLD_OUT_OF_RANGE

    The value for a key weight or threshold is invalid.

  • op_bad_signer SET_OPTIONS_BAD_SIGNER

    Any additional signers added to the account cannot be the master key.

  • op_invalid_home_domain SET_OPTIONS_INVALID_HOME_DOMAIN

    Home domain is malformed.

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