When Horizon returns information about an asset, it uses the following format:


  • asset_type string

    This asset’s type. Either credit_alphanum4 or credit_alphanum12.

  • asset_code string

    This asset’s code

  • asset_issuerstring

    The Stellar address of this asset’s issuer.

  • amount number

    The number of units issued for this asset.

  • num_accounts number

    The numnber of accounts that have issued a trustline to this asset. If the auth_required flag for this asset’s issuer is set to true, this number only includes the accounts who have both set up a trustline to the asset and have been authorized to hold the asset.

  • flags object

    Flags denote the enabling/disabling of certain asset issuer privileges. Show child attributes

    • auth_immutable boolean

      If set to true, none of the following flags can be changed.

    • auth_required boolean

      If set to true, anyone who wants to hold an asset issued by this account must first be approved by this account.

    • auth_revocable boolean

      If set to true, this account can freeze the balance of a holder of an asset issued by this account.

  • paging_token number

    A cursor value for use in pagination.

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "https://expansion-testnet.bantu.network/assets?asset_code=USD\u0026asset_issuer=GDUKMGUGDZQK6YHYA5Z6AY2G4XDSZPSZ3SW5UN3ARVMO6QSRDWP5YLEX\u0026cursor=\u0026limit=10\u0026order=asc"
    "next": {
      "href": "https://expansion-testnet.bantu.network/assets?asset_code=USD\u0026asset_issuer=GDUKMGUGDZQK6YHYA5Z6AY2G4XDSZPSZ3SW5UN3ARVMO6QSRDWP5YLEX\u0026cursor=USD_GDUKMGUGDZQK6YHYA5Z6AY2G4XDSZPSZ3SW5UN3ARVMO6QSRDWP5YLEX_credit_alphanum4\u0026limit=10\u0026order=asc"
    "prev": {
      "href": "https://expansion-testnet.bantu.network/assets?asset_code=USD\u0026asset_issuer=GDUKMGUGDZQK6YHYA5Z6AY2G4XDSZPSZ3SW5UN3ARVMO6QSRDWP5YLEX\u0026cursor=USD_GDUKMGUGDZQK6YHYA5Z6AY2G4XDSZPSZ3SW5UN3ARVMO6QSRDWP5YLEX_credit_alphanum4\u0026limit=10\u0026order=desc"
  "_embedded": {
    "records": [
        "_links": {
          "toml": {
            "href": "https://www.anchorusd.com/.well-known/stellar.toml"
        "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
        "asset_code": "USD",
        "paging_token": "USD_GDUKMGUGDZQK6YHYA5Z6AY2G4XDSZPSZ3SW5UN3ARVMO6QSRDWP5YLEX_credit_alphanum4",
        "amount": "1347404.4083346",
        "num_accounts": 9390,
        "flags": {
          "auth_required": false,
          "auth_revocable": false,
          "auth_immutable": false

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