Each of Bantu’s operations have unique response shapes. Below are the attributes that are common across individual operation objects.

See the generic Operation errors.


  • id number

    The operation’s ID number.

  • paging_token string

    A cursor value for use in pagination.

  • type_i number

    A number indicating the operation type.

  • type string

    The name of the operation type.

  • transaction_hash string

    A unique identifier for the transaction this operation belongs to.

  • transaction_successful boolean

    Indicates if this operation was part of a successful transaction.

  • source_account string

    The account that originates the operation.

  • created_at string

    The date this operation was created.

  "_links": {
    "effects": {
      "href": "/operations/402494270214144/effects/{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
    "precedes": {
      "href": "/operations?cursor=402494270214144&order=asc"
    "self": {
      "href": "/operations/402494270214144"
    "succeeds": {
      "href": "/operations?cursor=402494270214144&order=desc"
    "transactions": {
      "href": "/transactions/402494270214144"
  "id": 402494270214144,
  "paging_token": "402494270214144",
  "type_i": 0,
  "type": "create_account"

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