These are Result Codes that communicate success (200) or failure (400) at the transaction level: bad sequence numbers, insufficient balances, insufficient fees, etc.


  • tx_success txSUCCESS

    The transaction succeeded.

  • tx_failed txFAILED

    One of the operations failed (none were applied).

  • tx_too_earlyt xTOO_EARLY

    The ledger closeTime was before the minTime.

  • tx_too_late txTOO_LATE

    The ledger closeTime was after the maxTime.

  • tx_missing_operation txMISSING_OPERATION

    No operation was specified

  • tx_bad_seq txBAD_SEQ

    sequence number does not match source account

  • tx_bad_auth txBAD_AUTH

    too few valid signatures / wrong network

  • tx_insufficient_balance txINSUFFICIENT_BALANCE

    fee would bring account below reserve

  • tx_no_source_account txNO_ACCOUNT

    source account not found

  • tx_insufficient_fee txINSUFFICIENT_FEE

    fee is too small

  • tx_bad_auth_extra txBAD_AUTH_EXTRA

    unused signatures attached to transaction

  • tx_internal_error txINTERNAL_ERROR

    an unknown error occurred

  "type": "",
  "title": "Transaction Failed",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "The transaction failed when submitted to the stellar network. The `extras.result_codes` field on this response contains further details.  Descriptions of each code can be found at:",
  "extras": {
    "envelope_xdr": "AAAAANPRjCD1iCti3hovsrrz6aSAjmp263grVr6+mI3SQSkcAAAAZAAPRLgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAArki/TnIipBc7Y+Hd87mnZdtBxzm7vu6iXpwcRz6zGskAAAAAAAAAAAAHoSAAAAAAAAAAAdJBKRwAAABANWeKuRYFmBm1lrMQqMvhbSouwL270SnxcTtv1XI4Y+uVe4yw4Jq7/43EoxwLbRh/pC3V4WfOZRzDqwsTyEztAA==",
    "result_codes": {
      "transaction": "tx_bad_seq"
    "result_xdr": "AAAAAAAAAAD////7AAAAAA=="

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