Change Trust

Creates, updates, or deletes a trust line from the source account to another account's issued asset.

See the Change Trust errors.


  • asset_type string

    The type of asset being trusted. Either native, credit_alphanum4, or credit_alphanum12.

  • asset_code string

    The Stellar address of the asset being trusted.

  • asset_issuer string

    The code for the asset being trusted.

  • limit string

    Limits the amount of an asset that the source account can hold.

  • trustee string

    The issuing account.

  • trustor string

    The source account

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
    "transaction": {
      "href": ""
    "effects": {
      "href": ""
    "succeeds": {
      "href": "\u0026cursor=120192477935251457"
    "precedes": {
      "href": "\u0026cursor=120192477935251457"
  "id": "120192477935251457",
  "paging_token": "120192477935251457",
  "transaction_successful": true,
  "type": "change_trust",
  "type_i": 6,
  "created_at": "2020-01-29T19:46:55Z",
  "transaction_hash": "ec4116595bdfa8c1039c40af425e497c91fcf387c2a2a0cfa1f3bf64733f1f23",
  "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
  "asset_code": "NGNT",
  "limit": "922337203685.4775807",

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